With today’s fast-paced daily challenges, the idea of living a Nomad lifestyle continues to thrive within our culture.
There’s nothing more exciting than to pack a bag full of the essentials and traveling to an unknown destination. And while being unconnected does have it’s perks, using new technology, like chatbots, can also make your nomadic lifestyle easier.

Here are a few chatbots on BotList to help your adventures thrive!


SnapTravel saves you time scouring for the best travel options and prices. Users can book hotels at highly discounted rates over SMS and Facebook Messenger. SnapTravel’s goal is to make booking travel a simple and magical experience.

SnapTravel’s goal is to make booking travel a simple and magical experience.

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Instalocate is your personal travel assistant who will predict and solve your travel problems. You can track your flights on Messenger and even convert your flight delays into money.

Instalocate handles all your issues with flights, so you can spend more time taking in the views.

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Expedia is another travel assistant that enables you to easily search for and make a hotel booking, or manage select elements of travel bookings, including hotel or flight confirmations or flight cancellations.

Expedia can be used with Skype or it’s also available as an Alexa Skill on Amazon Echo.

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Postcard Bot

What’s better than traveling around the world to see amazing landscape and cultures? Don’t forget your loved ones while you’re on your nomad adventures. Create a custom photo postcard and send to anywhere in the world using SMS or Messenger.

Rubbing it in to your loved ones back home! 😉

With Postcard Bot, you can create a custom photo postcard and send to anywhere in the world using SMS or Messenger. For SMS, all you have to do is text a photo to 650-285-1713.

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Need to save money for your next nomad adventure? Plum has you covered!

Plum monitors your spending, automatically sets money aside for you, and is always available on Facebook Messenger. Simple, stress-free savings.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an assistant to show you local events? Well, there is.

NearMinder can find events from all of the best sources such as TicketMaster, SeatGeek, EventBrite and MeetUps. For any events where you need to signup or get ticket info, full details are also available using the link at the end of the event description.

NearMinder is available on multiple platforms including: Facebook Messenger, Kik, Telegram, Slack, and Skype.


While NearGroup was labeled as an online dating chatbot in our previous article, it’s also known as a social chatbot which introduces people locally.

You can chat instantly with new people, based on your Facebook likes, to:friend-them or ditch-them. Start chatting with new people on Messenger.


Foxsy is another matchmaking communication chatbot on Messenger that introduces you to new people. Foxsy’s mission is to make beautiful and meaningful connections with right people to chat in the world.


One issue with traveling to new destinations is not knowing if there are problems with air quality.

Smokey is trying to solve air pollution awareness by giving you the ability to check out the quality of air anywhere in the world.

Message Smokey on Slack or Messenger today to get your city’s real-time air quality data.


Before you set off on your nomad journey, make sure you check out the forecast with Poncho.

Poncho tells you the weather every morning and evening or whenever you want. Poncho can also warn you with severe weather alerts to keep you safe. You can use Poncho on Messenger, Kik, Viber, and even Slack.

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 While these are just a few chatbots to help you on your adventures, you could always visit BotList to see what assistants can help you out.

Safe travels ❤️