Innovation is the core of the chic. Winter 2016 you will want to enter the room full of guests striking that perfect balance between classic and cool. Stay on the edge with these 5 chatbots that will make you look top notch this holiday season and will put a smile on your face. Be sure to tell your guests that you are using a fashion AI-powered assistant and you will look très chic, trust us.


Find fashion in your size & budget from over 2,100 brands

A free personal fashion assistant, helping UK users to discover new arrivals in their size from over 2,000 high street and designer brands. “During every chat, Alex (your virtual style assistant) builds a personalized style profile to make sure you only see items that are in stock, available in your size and are within your budget,” says Chris Perrett, HotDrops Founder and CEO. “All this happens within seconds, enabling users for example to quickly find all black trainers from multiple stores, rather than having to check each retailer website. HotDrops for Messenger also provides a Wishlist feature, enabling anyone to save items for later while they continue to shop. One really important feature for us is that we’re able to transfer the chat to a human if requested by the user — this means we can help with any fashion questions that Alex is unable to cover. We’ve had a few users trying this already and the feedback has been really positive.” As of now Alex only provides fashion finds and it does not offer styling tips. Chris shared with us that most probably styling advice will be incorporated directly within the bot in the nearest future enabling Alex to give outfit suggestions. Stay tuned!


World’s First Fashion Shopping Botfriend

After a friendly greeting it will promptly show you items you are interested in. We have tried asking it for shoes, cardigans and jeans. And it works! The results were good, even though once we went into fabrications and patterns it got a little bit lost and we had to start our shopping spree anew. Thumbs up on the easiness and speed!


Chat with H&M on Kik for instant outfit inspiration

H&M’s official bot on Kik is used by many in the community. When I first asked my fashion forward friends if they used any chatbots to help them find outfits they love they all pointed to H&M bot. It is efficient in a way it builds an outfit around your persona and covers your styling needs from desk to dusk. It is available on Kik and we hope it will be on Messenger sometime soon, as this is where the majority of bot users are.

Amy (by Adoro)

Shop from curated collections, Ask for style advice, etc.

Amy (by Adoro) is a bot to search for anything you like in fashion and accessories. The interaction is fast and Amy, the fashion stylist, provides different options for your taste. Amy has a great personality and is fun to use, however it gets easily confused when conversation goes into brands and fashion slang, which is understandable. If you want to have a fun chat about trends give Amy a try. Amy is learning daily to match user’s queries with products she can find on the world wide web.


Keep up with the latest fashion trends. Inspiration for your outfit

FashSnap is a cool bot to snap your fashion pictures with other bot users and see some street fashion. The bot is available on Messenger and once you get started you can either see pictures of trendsetters or submit your own pictures as a trendsetter. It could be a very good start for those venturing into fashion arena. The truth is when we started we got hooked and kept submitting pictures and reviewing pictures of others. It is like sitting in a cafe on a crowded plaza and looking at the people around you while thinking fashion. Love street fashion? Try FashSnap!

Chic take: apart from our desire to be innovative we also want to be honest. Fashion bots are very new and have a lot to learn from the users. They are still lacking understanding of human language and fashion industry slang. However, we feel that it is great to have these AI-powered fashion gurus among our friends and we are excited to see them grow! No doubt they will learn fast and will make 2017 look very cool for all of us.

Trendsetters and fashion lovers try these chatbots and stay on the edge of innovation these holidays!