NearGroup is a fresh approach to online dating, where conversations (not photos) lead the way. It’s a speed-dating chatbot built right into the Facebook Messenger platform.

Goodbye swiping. Hello conversations!

“On other dating apps, people take a decision based on the profile picture. Here, the focus is on conversations. Our tag line is­ discover people on the basis of conversations, not edited pictures,” said Prashant Pitti, Founder of NearGroup.

Before you call this “yet another dating app,” you should know that NearGroup enables more than 2 million conversations every single day, making it one of the most active chatbots we’ve come across. It’s clearly struck a chord in an already crowded industry of mostly websites and apps trying to match you up with the person of your dreams, or at least someone you can go on a couple dates with!

So how does it work?

The NearGroup chatbot matches you with someone near you and lets you jump right into a conversation on Facebook Messenger. Both you and the person you are chatting with stay anonymous until you want to share your photos and more. It’s a unique conversations-first approach to dating, rather than the popular photos-first world of tinder and other dating apps.

In a recent interview, Prashant Pitti, shared that about 70% of NearGroup conversations happen among users in the Philippines. So if you’re in the Philippines, you’ve probably already heard of NearGroup. That’s followed by the United States at 20%, and then India.

Want to dip your toes with a fresh twist to online dating with NearGroup? Go over to Facebook Messenger and start meeting people today. Leave a comment below with your experiences with NearGroup, especially if it helps you land a date.

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