What do you get when you have a highly irresistible fictional character at your fingertips 24/7? About 5 Million messages in six days!

Yeah, you heard me right.

According to Josh Bocanegra, Persona CEO and Co-Founder, their latest conversational bot, Christian Grey Bot, was an experiment that has been blowing up ever since it was launched. It has been featured in some major publications like, The Verge, Elite Daily, and VentureBeat.

Bocanegra, Christina Milian, Co-Founder of Persona, and the rest of the Persona team wanted to launch Christian Grey chatbot on the premier date of “Fifty Shades Darker” mainly to showcase what Persona can do for the entertainment industry, but also “…to learn how users interacted with a conversational UX.

What is conversational UX?

Bocanegra sent me Christian Grey a few days before the launch to test out the conversation and functionality of the bot. Since I’m the Co-Founder of BotList, one of the largest bot discovery sites, I’ve tested thousands of chatbots through our platform and below are screenshots of my initial conversation.

Initial conversation between Christian Grey chatbot and Seth Louey

While many conversational bots, aka… chatbots, are created that help guide the user to the end goal with buttons and some guided interface, the conversational user experience is quite the opposite.

Persona, created a conversational user experience based on short mysterious messages that urge the audience to want more.

Initial conversation between Christian Grey chatbot and Seth Louey

Going Mainstrm

Christian Grey chatbot is fantastically executed to make you forget all about talking with a bot. It is the perfect blend of fiction coming to reality.

While chatbots still have some growing to do, you can be sure to see more promotional bots coming to life in the future.

What fictional character would you like to chat with?

UPDATE: 61 million messages in 33 days!

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