Kevin Flynn: “The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships? motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see. And then, one day…”

Sam Flynn: “You got in…”

Introducing Sparc

Let’s face it, we’ve all watched Tron and thought, “How cool would it be to fight in skin tight future suits with flying disks?!”

Just me? Well, maybe not everyone, but you’ll be able to compete in a new virtual sport, or vSport called, Sparc.

Sparc is a unique virtual sport only possible in virtual reality, in which players compete in face-paced, full-body gameplay.

“After our early experiments with standing VR gameplay, we were excited by the idea of building an original sport designed for the current generation of VR hardware. We’ve designed Sparc so that players can express and improve their skill through their physical actions.” said Morgan Godat, Executive Producer at CCP Atlanta. “Ultimately, we want players to think of Sparc as a virtual court in their living room where they can meet and compete with other players from around the world.”

Sparc is currently slated for a 2017 release on Oculus Rift with Touch, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR (PSVR).

Going Mainstrm

With the release of this new vSport game, will vSports be the future of competitive gaming? Will eSports adopt vSports for a new medium of game entertainment?

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